Youth At Risk

Youth at Risk programs are dedicated to mentoring and transforming the lives of young people in communities around the world.

A 1984 study of the Breakthrough Foundation Youth At Risk Program by Metametrics Inc. concluded that "The Youth at Risk Program group had an overall subsequent incident recidivism rate of 34.7 percent, compared to 55.1 percent for the comparison group. The overall serious offense recidivism rate (18.4 percent) was less than half that of the comparison group (40.8 percent). Evaluation conclusions are that the Youth at Risk Program has had a profound impact on the 155 youth participants."


Youth At Risk: Results, In Their Own Words:

Youth at Risk - UK


Colorado Youth at Risk


Colorado Youth at Risk


Colorado Youth At Risk


Youth At Risk, UK - 2010 - United Kingdom


New York Youth At Risk - Introduction - Part One - Youth at Risk (YAR)


New York Youth At Risk - Introduction - Part Two


Youth At Risk - Woman to Woman


Phoenix Youth At Risk

Colorado Youth at Risk 2009

Youth At Risk - Phoenix, Arizona


More Youth At Risk Videos:

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Youth at Risk - Collection of videos about Youth at Risk and other related groups helping young people turn their lives around


Objectives of the Youth At Risk Program (as published in 1989)

- To produce a long term, measurable impact on the lives of both the youth in the program and the people with whom they associate;

- To prove conclusively that dealing effectively with Youth at Risk is not a hopeless undertaking;

- To have powerful, positive effect on local Youth at Risk related community agencies and schools;

- To demonstrate that a private, community-based, volunteer-intensive intervention is viable, sustainable and repeatable;

- To open opportunities for people at the grassroots level to make a difference through their own positve actions.




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