Prison Possibilities, Inc.

Prison Possibilities, Inc. was an independent non-profit organization that enabled men and women in prisons to alter their predictable futures. This organization's programs demonstrated concrete results in significantly lowering the rate of re arrest and imprisonment among those inmates who have participated. A number of the inmates who participated in the programs continue to this day to make the program available to others.

As was stated in a letter dated August 21, 1990, by Robert J. Watson Commissioner of Correction in Delaware: "I see no other resource as powerful or as effective as The Forum in what it creates for inmates who participate...It is effective. It is a lasting contribution."

A letter dated September 11, 1990 from W.L. Kautazky, former Commissioner of Correction for the State of Colorado and Senior Commissioner of the Corrections Department in the State of Hawaii states: "The Prison Possibilities program was presented originally at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility under the extraordinary scrutiny of a highly skeptical staff. In virtually every instance, the skepticism of the staff was transformed to a surprising level of support for the values of accountability and responsibility generated by the program...I remain convinced that the unique balance of accountability training during confinement and volunteer support upon release provides an important community linkage that will be critical to the success of correctional programs thoughout the nation."


Remembering Dorothy Rosenberg and Prison Possibilities

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The Forum Can Set You Free While In Prison, Inmates Say

Nothin This Good Ever Happened To Me Before


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