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The Breakthrough Foundation was an independent non-profit organization dedicated to changing the direction of thousands of young people’s lives through the Youth at Risk Program. The project won national acclaim for its outstanding results in turning around the lives of young people who were severely at risk for drug abuse, unemployment, and violent crime. The National Institute of Justice studied the Youth At Risk Program and found a significant reduction in recidivism. President George H.W. Bush recognized the Breakthrough Foundation as one of his "thousand points of light."

Independent studies conducted in 1985, 1986, and 1988 of participants of the Youth at Risk program showed that in suceeding years after taking the program felony crime was reduced by up to 50%; drug use was reduced by 33%; truancy was reduced by nearly 75%; and employment hours worked increased by 550%.

A 1984 study showed the Youth at Risk Program group had an overall subsequent incident recidivism rate of 34.7 percent, compared to 55.1 percent for the comparison group (comparable youths who did not participate in the Youth At Risk program). The overall serious offense recidivism rate (18.4 percent) was less than half that of the comparison group (40.8 percent).
National Institute of Justice Evaluation of Youth at Risk Program


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