The Werner Erhard Foundation Fellowships program was a cutting edge experimental project that provided financial support for individuals who were making significant contributions to their fields. While some Fellowships were awarded for a specific project, others were for general support over a limited period of time.


William Warren Bartley III: Professor of Philosophy, California State University, Hayward: For his work on the biography of Sir Karl Popper, a physicist, biologist, epistemologist, political thinker, ancient historian and logician, by common consent the greatest living philosopher.

Warren Bennis: For Research and Writing Support

Paul Dell, Ph.D.: Director of Clinical and Theoretical Studies, Colonial Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: For his work to transform the field of psychotherapy, its understanding of the nature of psychopathology and to transform the general public's conception of pathology and human relationships.

Charlie Deull: For his work on a book on ending hunger.

Rodney Donaldson: For his work to organize, catalogue, and publish the works of Gregory Bateson.

Arturo Escobar: For his work researching the relationship in Third World countries between cultural domination and the nature of underdevelopment.

Roger Fisher: Williston Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project: For his work in negotiation and conflict resolution.

Fernando Flores: For Research and Writing Support

David Galin, M.D: Associate Professor of Psychiatry in Residence, Director, Neurodevelopment Laboratory, Langly Porter Institute, University of California, San Francisco: For his work on the relationship between early brain and ego development.

Joan Goldsmith, M.A.: Educator, Family Therapist: For her book on families to use in exploring and understanding their history and current dynamics.

Gray Jacobik: Poet: For her work on evolving a language of transformation.

John Poppy: Editor and author: For his work inquiring into the nature and application of the principle of consequence in human life.

Sidney Rittenberg: China expert, educator, and lecturer: For his work in the area of international understanding.

John R. Searle, Ph.D.: Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley: For his work on language and intentionality.

Fredrich Spiegelberg: Research and Writing Support

Heinz von Foerster: Research and Writing Support



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